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Featured Event:

There is a separate page featuring full event detailed on A Featured Event Listing offers a visual space and opportunity for a full detailed description of the event. Featured Event postings will be published within 48 hours of being received.

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“In The Loop”: Be part of the CityEvents monthly newsletter that promotes Toronto events and topical event articles. Your event will have a featured section with branded visuals and messaging. Stand Alone Email Blasts: CityEvents proprietary databases will create and publish an email blast that is a tailored message, image, event or brand.

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Community Engagement:

Contests: “Boost buzz” and community engagement with online contests. We will customize a contest online with your brand or event, then share with our networks, as well as the public at large.


Design sem nome (6)Outstanding Event Listings:

Event Listings Submissions: At CityEvents, we know what it takes to get your event noticed. We have curated resources with over 500 community and industry websites that have an upcoming events calendar. Let us do the work for you, by reaching out and posting your event to over 50 event calendars.

Call or email us at to find out further information and pricing of our services at 416-619-0596.

Call or email us at to find out further information and pricing of our services.