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Last Friday was not an ordinary one for me. It was MY Schmooze Friday. Indeed, even if there is a Schmooze after-work every Friday, this one was special for me because I was responsible for all of the promotions  and planning. I had to schedule every post on social media, to find contests ideas, and manage the team…. I spent the last three weeks organizing the night the best as I can, and thus I wanted it to be perfect. And, thankfully it was!



The CityEvents team and I arrived around 5pm at the beautiful Maison Mercer patio. Only a few minutes before people arrived. We finished the last details, and we were ready! The weather was wonderful as expected, with a bright sun and more 80F degrees. Everything was ready!

Around 10 minutes after, people started to arrive. Many were regulars of the Schmooze, but thanks to the promotion, there were more new people than usual. We could easily see the difference between them when we saw the face of a new customer arriving for the first time to the beautiful rooftop patio of Maison Mercer – discreet, intimate and charming – which is the perfect place for a great after-work. The hostesses were beautiful as usual, welcoming people and invited them to take a delicious free cocktail offered by the evening partner Grand Marnier.


The team and I really wanted to attract as many people as we can to share this great after-work social with us, and we could feel it during the event, They were people from different countries and different backgrounds: from french salesmen to Spanish students… The patio was a real cosmopolitan place. It was perfect place to meet people from outside Toronto and make new fresh foreign contacts.


From 5PM to 6:30PM, people enjoyed the barbecue offered by Treeline Catering. We could feel the happiness when we saw people talking and having fun! It was a holidays atmosphere on the patio and Schmooze was the best remedy for a long working week!


If you missed the first ones, don’t worry. Many others are coming !Next one, is Friday on August 14th SCHMOOZE party ! Be there, you won’t regret it!


CityEvents will be hosting the following upcoming Schmooze Events:

Friday, August 14, 2015.

Friday, August 28 2015.


You can now relive your night with all the pictures on : link for the photo on facebook


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